Giving city trees a second life

Take your tree from log to lumber with our end-to-end milling, kiln-drying and woodshop capabilities.

Or, shop our live-edge slabs and dimensional lumber to create heirloom furniture, fireplace mantels, or other treasured, one-of-a-kind projects.

Local, Sustainable Woods

Trees are often cut down because of development, age, disease or other reasons. But they don’t need to be destined for the landfill or the wood chipper.

We take trees from our community or from individuals and turn them into beautiful lumber and slabs so they can be preserved for decades to come.

State-of-the-Art Woodshop

Custom Milling

Kiln Drying

Planing & Flattening

Straight Line Ripping

Wide-belt Sanding

Milling a slab from a log is only the first step. Even the most beautiful piece of wood has to be truly dry and flat before it can be transformed into your vision.

We can take a log all the way to project-ready lumber with our custom milling, kiln-drying and other woodshop capabilities.