We can take a tree from log to project-ready lumber with our state-of-the-art custom milling, kiln-drying and other woodshop capabilities. Regardless of where you’re starting – whether it’s a log, a wet slab, or dry wood that’s warped, twisted or too rough – we can finish your wood to your specs. 

Costs vary for all services depending on species, sizes, quantity, combinations of services desired and requested turnaround time. Give us a call to discuss your project needs.


We can mill and edge your logs into lumber or live-edge slabs using our Wood-Mizer sawmill and edger. We can handle logs up to 36″ wide and 20′ long at our shop and logs up to 54″ wide through a local partner. 


Wet wood (even 15% moisture content is considered wet) will ultimately warp, crack and twist over the course of months as it slowly dries – especially in our arid climate here in Colorado.

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art, computer-controlled iDRY vacuum kilns to completely dry and sterilize lumber and even thick slabs relatively quickly and easily.

Drying hardwoods takes approximately 10 days per 1″ thickness from green to 7% average moisture content (varies by species). We can handle slabs and lumber up to 56″ wide and 13′ long. 

Wide-Slab Flattening & Sanding

We’re set up to handle large slabs with relative ease, flattening and sanding your wide slabs (up to 51″) using our three-head combination spiral helix planer / drum sander / platten sander.

We can take rough slabs and shim them flat on a traveling table that passes back and forth through the machine until a perfectly flat reference surface is achieved. After that, they’re ready to be planed to a specified thickness and sanded to any desired level of finish.

A sanding-only option is available for epoxy slabs. Finish sanding is available for any grit combinations from 60 to 180.


We can joint and plane your rough-sawn lumber or smaller slabs up to 30″ wide in a single pass using our double-surface spiral helix planer.

Straight Lining

We can rip a straight reference edge – suitable for glue-ups without jointing in many cases – using our laser-sighted straight-line rip saw.

Wood is a natural product with inherent variability and internal stresses. Even the best machines and methods can yield unpredictable results. While we generally achieve excellent results and strive to do our best to overcome any of the surprises contained within your wood, sometimes things go wrong. No warranties are given or implied.