Thin live-edge boards

About Our thin live-edge boards

  • Thin live-edge boards are generally finished to 1/2 to 1-1/4″ thick and 2 to 8′ long with the live edge (with or without bark attached) left intact on one or both sides. We typically stock widths of 4 to 18″.
  • They’re suitable for projects like charcuterie and cutting boards, mounting boards, decorative pieces, shelving and thin epoxy or “river” tabletops.
  • All of these boards are vacuum kiln-dried and heat sterilized. They’re typically “hit & miss” planed to 1/8″ under rough thickness.
  • Additional planing, sanding and straight-line rip services are available on-site.

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Thin Live-Edge Board Inventory

This is a sampling of some of our typical inventory – boards you see here are not guaranteed to be in stock. There are also more boards to choose from than what is shown here.

The prices shown are a range based on the image. Each board is unique, and they’re individually priced based on their characteristics, such as species, thickness, consistency of the width and the slope of the live edge.

Our inventory is continually changing. Call or come by to see what’s currently available and to talk about pricing.

Black Walnut




Slippery Elm


Honey Locust


Russian Olive


Norway Maple


Silver Poplar


American Elm


Holey Ash








Siberian Elm